Planning and building in Falcade

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Ben.Co Company was founded at the end of the Eighties, with ten-year’s practice from its company owners who are experts in  planning and building private and manufacturingbuildings.

We plan, create, and sell houses, which are built using innovative methods and materials, without neglecting the typical details of traditional mountain houses. Moreover, we specialise in the exterior finish of the outside and communal areas of our houses, in order to obtain an excellent integration between our buildings and the surrounding wonderful mountain landscape/environment.

Our head office is in the centre of Falcade, close to the main square of the village. Since 1989 Ben.Co Company is considered  the point of reference for the property market in the upper Agordino area; for those of you who are looking for good prices but don't want to sacrifice on reliability, competence, and care, Ben.Co Company offers the best solutions to buy your first or second house in Falcade or in its neighbouring areas.